The Constant Companion

The Constant Companion
Eknath Easwaran
Price: Rs 295

This is a book of daily inspirations short, personal reminders that divinity can be found all around us, if we will only look.

In each piece, Eknath Easwaran selects one of India’s traditional thousand names of the Lord and shows its universal significance: that these are not only names of God, but also aspects of the spark of divinity within us.

In the thousand names, the Lord is called our Constant Companion, an inner friend whose love and support we can never lose. This book, to, will serve as a constant companion for those who want to see God in the faces and events of everyday life.

An Excerpt

This is a popular name for boys in India. Every budding sports star likes to be called Ajit, because it means he who can never be beaten. Unfortunately, however, some of the Ajits I knew in college never made it to the playing field.

To spiritual aspirants, Ajita stands for the strength of those whose will cannot be broken. One of the magnificent secrets Gandhi gave us is that strength does not come from bone and muscle it comes from an indomitable will.

This is not the will tog et one’s own way whatever the cost; that is what mystics call self-will. When self-will is extinguished, what remains is a will that nothing can break which means that nothing can vanquish you.

I remember a famous Oxford scholar, Professor Gilbert Murray, warnign the British government to beware of Gandhi because he could not be tempted by personal plesure, prestige, or power. Such a person can never be bested, becaus his will can never be broken.

We all know how long first of the year resolutions usually last. That is because oru resolve simply does not go deep enough. We mean what we say, but our subconscious mind objects, I am not a party to this. That vow is a purely intellectual decision.

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