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I read a number of books simultaneously. Right now I”m fascinated by Munshi Premchand and Rabindranath Tagore. That”s also because I”m working on scripts based on their writing. Tagore”s Gora and Shesher Kobita are particularly fascinating. I”m also reading Sunil Gangopadhyay”s Ranu O Bhanu, a series of letters which a young Tagore (known as Bhanu) wrote to a young girl called Ranu. As always, I enjoy reading and rereading Ruskin Bond. I”m a huge fan. He never stops writing and I never stop reading him. I”m also reading Marathi poet V V Shirwadkar whose pen name is Kusumagraj, and whose works I will be translating into Urdu. The cosmos fascinates mea”besides Carl Sagan, I read every thing including NASA dispatches. Then there”s Little Magazine, devoted to essays, fiction, poetry, art and criticism. I recommend it whole-heartedly. In one”s turbulent teens when ego is all, Ayn Rand is what everyone turns to. But when you lose a loved one and hit the depths of misery, you reach for Thomas Hardy. But I guess my all-time favourite is Irving Stone”s Lust For Life on Van Gogh.
I hope my lust for reading never wanes.

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