Quick takes on new titles

How NASA Builds Teams
By Charles J Pellerin
Wiley India
Rs 595, 261 pages

Pellerin was head of astrophysics at NASA for a decade. He was held responsible for launching the $1.7 billion Hubble telescope with a flawed mirror. Later, he was awarded for the successful repair of the mirror in space. So, he knows what it is to mess up big time. But what sets him apart is that he learnt from his mistakes and developed a new system of team building, which it’s claimed, helped 200 NASA teams. Called the 4-dimension (4-D ), it revolves around helping people identify their personality types and taking that into account for better communication. The book is peppered with stories, anecdotes and web resources. It’s directed at engineers and technical people who are supposed to be logical and are sceptical of the usual ‘touchy-feely’ type of leadership team building exercises in vogue.

— Subodh Varma

Sugar and Spice
By Lauren Conrad
Rs 250, 279 pages

The third and final book in the L A Candy series continues its entertaining narrative about Hollywood and the heroine, reality TV celebrity Jane Roberts. Fresh from being betrayed by one of her closest friends in the previous book, Jane now wants to take control of her life and starts by swearing off guys. But she has a tough time sticking to her no-boys rule when both her high school sweetheart and a new crush show up.

— Saira Kurup

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— Besttopic

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