Notes on a spiritual life

Notes On A Spiritual Life
Stuart Perrin
Price: Rs 195

For years, Perrin had sought insight and spiritual teaching throughout the world, only to finally find them in the laughing Buddha – esque form of Rudi, a popular, iconoclastic, Jewish-American guru.

In Spiritual Life, Perrin distills Rudi’s teachings while adding a generous measure of his own on relationships, sex, livelihood, spiritual development teachers, students, yoga and perhaps most importantly, staying centred and getting grounded.

The teachings are full of paradox. We fight and we surrender, we struggle and we let it happen, we engage and disengage, we advance, retreat, study with a teacher, go it alone. How could it be otherwise?

Spirit is so overwhelming, so mysterious, so real, as to dwarf our conceptions and belief systems. Simply put, find your own path to spiritual growth as it unfolds in front of you.

Spiritual Life is an indispensable guidebook for treading a spiritual path without getting stranded, distracted, or lost.

An Excerpt

Silence is our best friend. It is the voice of God made manifest inside every human being. It is the great River Alph from Coleridge’s poem, Kubla Khan, flowing into eternity.

Even loud jarring noise is part of silence. When we meditate on silence, it grows to encompass thought, sound, music, city noise; all of the above become remote gurgles in a great wellspring.

We become the silence. Our words, eyes and heart reflect the wisdom of profound silence. People ask, “what is it? What is going on inside you?”

We shrug our shoulders and say, “I don’t know! I really don’t know! It is God! Higher energy! I really don’t know.”

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