Literary pill for election fever – best before April 2014

“Into the valley of Elections,
Marched the 600 million.”

This New Year, India is at the crossroads of the ballot. Congress‘s Ramayan seems to be getting rewritten with not even the Gandhi edifice willing to withstand the “Tempest” that has been stirred by the ladles of corruption. The Lokpal “Trojan” horse seems to have galloped into the “Adarsh” stables of despair and discontent.

With the old guard adopting the “As You Like It” approach, the young turks are still like “lake water lapping with low sands by the parliament” and everyone is awaiting the “Coronation”. As Modi, furiously scrubbing away the “Macbeth” taint on his hands, is slowly gathering ground, the next battle of “Panipat” is probably worth more then 700 litres of water.

For like Kipling’s Gangadin, the elections will be furious like the rivers in the north and more like the Robin Hood fables in the south where the good Samaritan factor will prevail. From the “Pawar” of Sachin’s blade, the local “Senapatis” will call the shots in the west. In true Anarkali style “Jab raaj Kiya to darna kya”, Mamatadi can be the “Twelfth Knight” in the decisive count. But “man may come and woman may go” – the citizen of this country still seems to have not fully awoken from his “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Like the “Indian in Wonderland” he still needs to demand beyond “onions and potatoes”.

The rising prices, the quality of governance and the accountability of public servants – who, like Nero, fiddle while the economy is burning and quarrel over red beacons and foreign jaunts – need to be addressed.

Where are Arjun and his Pandavas to protect the identity of Draupadi and where is Krishna who can guide the battle of Kurukshetra against the Kauravas?

The spirit in the “common man” needs to be kindled with the fire of patriotism and with true righteousness he needs to see only the eye of the bird in his crosshairs.

India has to show we are not Churchillian men of straw. We have to set aside personal gains and ask not “what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country”.

Amassing wealth and power in a cardboard house will be like Ozymandias “King of Kings” – “Look on my works, Ye mighty, and despair!”

The moral fabric is unravelling, the Chariots of Fire are flickering, the blood toil, sweat and tears of our selfless ancestors is wasting away because there is no will to enact change.

If the sun is not to set on the Indian Empire we will need a Renaissance among the educated, who should “Lead – kindly Light” and the Lord will then be the Shepherd.

The next quarter into the new year should see a resurrection across the nation where the haves join hands with the have-nots so that the age to come would say “stands then a man with soul so brave” who stood up to the call of his Motherland.

(Dr Hemant P Thacker is a consulting physician and cardiometabolic specialist in south Mumbai hospitals. Email:

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