Krishna : The Man His Philosophy

Krishna : The Man His Philosophy Osho

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Osho continues to inspire millions of people worldwide in their search to define a new approach to individual spirituality that is self-directed and responds to the everyday challenges of contemporary life.

His unique perspective encompasses both the timeless wisdom of the East and the highest potential of Western science and technology.

With Freud a new kind of awareness has dawned on man: that suppression is wrong, that suppression brings with it nothing but self-pity and anguish.

If a man fights with himself he can only ruin and destroy himself. If you make my left hand fight with my right hand, neither is going to win, but in the end the contest will certainly destroy me.

While my two hands fight with themselves, I and I alone will be destroyed in the process. That is how, through denial and suppression of his natural instincts and emotions, man became suicidal and killed himself.

Krishna alone seems to be relevant to the new awareness, to the new understanding that came to man in the wake of Freud and his findings. It is so because in the whole history of the old humanity Krishna alone is against repression.

An Excerpt

These names are symbolic and they are parts of Krishna’s story. They are part metaphor, part events and part metaphysics. That Krishna is driving someone into a cave is how it seems to us.

Even the person concerned can think so, but I understand it differently. A person like Krishna does not drive anyone, although someone can be driven to a point on his own. And it is possibile that Krishna follows him.

The situation is rather complex. I have heard that a cowherd is taking his cow from one place to another. A rope is fastened around the neck of the cow and the cowherd has the other end of the rope in his hands.

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