Guru MMS to Rahul: The good word

Post addressing a mammoth rally at Churu, Rahul went to the serene courtyards of Manmohan Singh‘s ashram.

“Oh wise Guru! Do accept my greetings.

Like you suggested, I have been attending more and more public gatherings to share my views and converse with the masses. And I seek your further guidance on this path”.

Mr. Singh listened to him with a saintly smile and then said, “Oh young aspirant! There are two time-tested tips that I have learnt to value the most and, can offer you.

The first is, that your words should always spread peace and happiness. Most people, including a lot of our leaders today, say many things during the course of their deliberations and then, either attempt to take back their words or issue explanations. These lead to misunderstandings and nuisances, rather than a healthy and peaceful discourse”.

Rahul: “But how do we determine what should be said and what should be left out?”

MMS: “Words that do not convey anything meaningful, words that demean or hurt anyone and words that create unnecessary vibrations should never be spoken. Bad words do no good and remain in one’s memory for a long time. Good words, well, people love to hear them”.

Rahul: “And, what is the second tip, my learned superior?”

MMS: “Hold your words till the right time. I waited patiently when the Opposition created a huge uproar over the coal block allotments. They screamed slogans, demanded my resignation and I listened to all the hue and cry but said nothing. Then finally, to clear the air and assuage the uproar, I told them how I had signed all the papers but only after properly examining them.

My words would not have created the same impact, had I said what I did, when everybody was shouting at the top of their lungs. That would have just created more noise”.

Rahul: “Hmm.. I never thought this way.”

MMS: “Hence, young man, there must be some control over our words –whether one has to run the country, or even one’s own house. Always wait till the right words and use them at the right time. Before speaking, always be careful when to speak, how much to say, how to word it, what exactly to articulate, and when not to do so, because it is our words alone by which we can win or lose. We need very few words for our daily chores”.

Rahul: “But… what if people ask me for an explanation and raise their pitch?”

MMS: “The world is ever changing. What is right today, may or may not hold the same merit tomorrow. A decision has to be, and must be taken considering the time, place and situation. A man can sell his house for Rs 50 lakh today and celebrate the fact that he made good money. But he might repent his decision five years later, when he sees the prices of real estate soaring multifold.

So, take your decisions in the present context –while anticipating their impact in the time to come”.

Rahul paid his respects and came out of the ashram, thinking deeply into his Guru’s words.

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