Comedian Mario Cantone reacts to Anthony Scaramucci’s ouster

July 31 (UPI) — Comedian Mario Cantone says he is not surprised by Anthony Scaramucci’s ouster after only 10 days as White House communications director.

Cantone made headlines last week due to his spot-on impression of Scaramucci on Comedy Central’s The President Show.

“@macantone got that right when he told #PresidentShow let’s do it, “this guy might be gone by October.” Not even Aug. #ScaramucciResigns,” a fan addressed Cantone on Twitter Monday.

“Yes I did.I knew it.That’s why ya don’t wait. Ya do it in the now! Strike now! Hey, There’s an old Italian expression.. what d’ya gonna do?” Cantone replied.

Scaramucci resigned to give incoming chief of staff John Kelly a “clean slate,” the White House said.

Scaramucci’s departure capped a tumultuous week and a half during which Reince Priebus resigned as chief of staff and Sean Spicer quit as White House press secretary.

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