‘Big Bang Theory’ Catchphrase ‘Bazinga’ Inspires New Compound

Scientists have created a new compound inspired by the catchphrase “Bazinga” that is frequently uttered by Sheldon Cooper, a character on the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory.

The compound BaZnGa, made of barium (Ba), zinc (Zn) andgallium (Ga), forms a new, never-before-seen crystal structure.

However, BaZnGa did not have any other exciting features, scientists said. It behaves like other nonmagnetic quasicrystals, but has a different arrangement of atoms.

Its creation is part of scientists efforts to discover new materials and characterise them, said Paul Canfield, a professor at Iowa State University in the US.

The idea to create BaZnGa came when researchers saw a TV commercial for “The Big Bang Theory” which showed the word “Bazinga” as elements barium, zinc and gallium, ‘Live Science’ reported.

The researchers, who were already planning to study three-part compounds that contained barium and zinc, went ahead to create BaZnGa.

“Whenever you find a new structure, it gives you further information on how nature arranges atoms,” Canfield said.

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